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Lean Thinking & Lean Tools:
Not Just for the Production Floor

Let me help your business reach its full potential!

Process Optimization & Standardization

If an organization wants to operate at peak efficiency, it needs standardized and optimized processes. If your company lacks this process standardization, employees end up taking their own unique approach to the work they do. While this may function in the short term, if your business continues to expand or if personnel shifts occur, the absence of standardized processes can be chaotic.

Having well-documented processes and procedures is also important if you are wanting to transition or sell your business.

Fortunately, I can help! I will work with your team to analyze your current workflows and operations, identify areas of improvement, offer guidance on the best way to optimize those processes, and even help with implementation and documentation.

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Image by Júnior Ferreira

Lean Thinking &
Lean Tools

My training program offers small group sessions on Lean Thinking and Lean Tools, equipping your team with the necessary knowledge to begin identifying and eradicating inefficiency at all levels of your business.


These sessions provide an in-depth look at various Lean Tools as well as the overall Lean Philosophy that empowers employees to recognize and remove waste.

Some examples of the tools explored in my Lean Tool Trainings include:

* Gemba Kaizen (Focused Continuous Improvement)

* Kanban (Inventory Control)

* 5S (Workplace Organization)

* A3 Problem Solving

Strategic Planning & Problem Solving

Leveraging employee input to create optimal processes and results is at the heart of Lean Thinking.

With this in mind, I offer facilitation services that can bring all relevant parties together to identify areas for process improvements, formulate strategic plans, or address other key issues.


My focus is always on both honoring each individual contribution while still keeping the end result in sight. This type of setting allows each voice to be heard while still building collective agreement and remaining true to the predetermined objective.

Taking Inventory at Warehouse

Physical / Digital Workspace Organizing, 5S, & Inventory Control

Effective organization is essential to achieving maximum efficiency. Time wasted searching for items can drastically reduce productivity in any business, making it vital that 'everything has its place'.


I offer personalized, hands-on services to help with the organization of your desks, offices, warehouses and digital workspaces, so you know where to find what you need when you need it.


In addition, I can help with the development and implementation of an inventory control system for supplies. This will help to eliminate overstock of some items and running out of others.

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