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Meet Kathryne

Lean / Six Sigma Black Belt

Business Process & Productivity Specialist


Please allow me to introduce myself.  My name is Kathryne Reed and I would love the opportunity to help you control the chaos in your business, allowing you to focus on what REALLY matters -- which I’m assuming is NOT the 5000 emails you have yet to get to.


Because I love helping people.  It’s pretty much that simple.  I WANT everyone to be able to focus their lives and businesses on what they love and not what drives them nuts.


I have an engineering degree and spent 10 years in the Aerospace manufacturing industry learning all about process simplification and optimization.  I obtained my Lean/Six Sigma Black Belt certification as I helped many factories streamline their processes and maximize their productivity and profitability.

I now have a passion for creating order out of chaos and for simplifying and optimizing every process - even those in my personal life.  I love helping individuals and organizations recognize and eliminate the ‘junk’ that’s keeping them from realizing their full potential.


While what we want and should be focused on will be different for everyone, we all suffer from ‘junk’ that litters our life and prevents us from spending time and energy on what is truly important.  In Lean Manufacturing, we call this ‘waste’ and it comes in many forms. Junk can be actual, literal ‘junk’ that clutters our desks and offices.  However, it doesn’t stop there.  ‘Junk’ can be time you are wasting on things you hate, money you are wasting on stuff you don’t actually need, and, in the business world, time and money you are spending on processes that don’t advance your bottom line.


So.. check out my website, send me an email, visit my Facebook or Link'd In page and let’s see what we can do about getting rid of that junk and help you and your business reach its full potential



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