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Are you ready to take your business to the next level?

Increase Productivity, Efficiency & Profitability

Accelerate Process Improvement with Lean Thinking & Lean Tools

Do you feel like your business is inefficient?  Like you are spending precious time and energy in the wrong places?

Do you feel like you are constantly spinning your wheels and not progressing?

Are you experiencing a high rate of turnover and fear losing all of the 'tribal knowledge' that currently keeps your business running?


These are all signs that you do not have sufficient processes in place and that's where I can help!

I am a Reno-based Lean / Six-Sigma Black Belt that specializes in helping small businesses, manufacturing facilities and government agencies to increase workplace productivity, efficiency and profitability through the successful implementation of Lean Tools and Lean Thinking.  The use of these tools helps to eliminate waste and optimize processes to maximize efficiency and value for customers.

I offer training, consulting, facilitation and coaching services, as well as hands-on organizing and process documentation services,  designed to bring Lean Tools and Lean Thinking from the production floor to your business. 

I have personal experience in how effective these tools can be and can't wait to help your business implement them and see what 'next level' productivity can do for you!

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What I Specialize In

Meet Kathryne

Lean / Six Sigma Black Belt

Business Process & Productivity Specialist

As a certified Lean/Six Sigma Black Belt with 10 years of experience implementing Lean Thinking and Lean Tools on the production floor blah blah blah

I began my professional career as a Process Engineer in Aerospace Manufacturing, where I was schooled in Lean Manufacturing and Process Optimization, becoming a Lean Six Sigma Black Belt at Lockheed Martin Aeronautics. I then went on to apply these skills as an in-home professional organizer, assisting people to become more orderly and efficient in their homes and businesses.


Based on the skills and knowledge I obtained in the factory as well as the work I've done helping clients get 'more organized', I am now working with organizations to ensure that their businesses or workgroups are functioning with the highest level of productivity and efficiency.

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"Lean isn't just about manufacturing. It's about continuous improvement, applying lean tools and principles to every aspect of your business."
                                         - Mark Graban

Kathryne is an expert at creating order and efficiency, and a pleasure to work with, too. She was an invaluable resource for us in tackling a recent inventory management project. I highly recommend her and look forward to working with her again!

- Shara Kay, SK Organizing

Kathryne Reed is amazing! She has practical, effective organization ideas that are easy to put into practice. She helped me complete my project quickly and her organization tips and tricks have help a lot!  I highly recommend her services! 

- Mary Geisler

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