Organize & Optimize: Home

Tidy Closet

Home: Organizing

Together we can tackle organizing projects in your home. 

These can include small projects that take a few hours up to giant, overwhelming spaces that need to be done over several days. 

‘Organized’ means something different for everyone,  and I constantly endeavor to personalize my services to each client’s unique situation, personality and needs. 

No matter the project, your goals of having uncluttered, organized and optimized spaces CAN be achieved. 

Services Provided Include:

* General Decluttering

* Downsizing

* Providing Guidance for purging extraneous items: recycle, reuse, donate, trash

* Optimizing available space to improve overall organization and workflow in every room of your home (garages included)

* Setting up customized organizational systems in your home.

* Recommending organizing products that will help you accomplish your organizing goals and help in maintaining your new systems.

Family Time

Home: Optimizing

Is your home bustling with activity to the point that you are exhausted at the end of every day and yet nothing ever seems to get done?

Do you organize a space, just to feel like it needs to be reorganized constantly?  Does it seem like it never lasts and, despite your best efforts, that everything is always missing at exactly the wrong time (like when you are running out the door late to soccer practice)?  Or do the piles of laundry start to look more like (and FEEL like) mountains to climb?

Don't worry -- IT'S NOT YOU!! One of the best lessons I learned in manufacturing is that it's almost never a PERSON problem, but a PROCESS problem.

Together we can look at everything that goes into making your home run, then brainstorm and implement targeted improvements to help keep you, your family and your time organized.

Our ultimate goal will be to minimize the work needed to keep everything running smoothly and maximize the time you have available to truly enjoy the things that matter most.

Services Offered:

* Comprehensive evaluation of household processes

* Brainstorming to determine how to streamline and improve processes such as: calendar planning, menu planning, chores, housecleaning, laundry, etc.

* Assist with implementing improved processes

* Coaching and follow-up to ensure that the new processes are working for you and your family.

Moving Boxes

Moving Services

Whether you are anticipating a move, or are in the middle of one, we know how stressful all of it can be.  We are here to help! 

We provide services during all phases of the home selling and moving process.  We can help to declutter and stage your home for selling, help you pack in an orderly and organized fashion and help on the unpacking end, unpacking and organizing belongings as quickly as possible. 

This helps you get back to 'normal' life so you can focus on living your life as opposed to trying to figure out where in the world you packed your favorite sweater.

Services Offered:

Prior/During  Move:

  • Assist in the staging process by helping you to declutter and tidy up the spaces in your homes
  • Help organize paperwork and processes involved in moving to help smooth the process
  • Assist in the packing process to sort and purge items that don’t need to be moved
  • Assist in packing in an orderly fashion which enables you to unpack your new home more smoothly
  • Help with downsizing if  you are moving from a larger space into a smaller one


After Move:

  • Assist with unpacking items and setting them up in their new space in a organized and optimal manner
  • Set up customized organizational systems to help your new home run smoothly
  • Solve challenging space utilization issues to ensure that everything fits and has a home in your new space