Answers To Your Burning Questions

What Would You Like to Know?

I have always been an extremely productive and organized individual.  This led to several jobs before and during college where I organized filing systems, databases, research and even conference events. 

I then worked 10 years in Aerospace where I earned my Lean / Six Sigma Black Belt from Lockheed Martin.  Lean Manufacturing is a methodology and set of tools that enable manufacturing facilities to systematically eliminate non-value-added activities, balance and streamline their production lines and maximize productivity and profit.  Essentially, it enables manufacturing areas to organize, optimize and improve their bottom line.  In those 10 years, I worked in several capacities implementing these tools and processes in various areas and in various ways.

Most recently, I joined the National Organization for Productivity and Organizing Professionals, completing their foundational coursework on Organizing and Productivity and continue to attend on-going educational workshops and seminars covering these topics more in-depth.

While many of us feel like we are 'pretty good' at organizing, most of us still have those one or two areas that overwhelm us (like that garage, eh?). 

In these areas and even in the ones where we feel capable,  an organizer can give you a standardized approach that works in any area, specialized  knowledge about space planning, storage systems & containers, as well as companionship and guidance for seeing the job through and getting it done.

In short, we can help you tackle even your most challenging projects in a way that makes it fun and gets it done.

I will work with you to implement processes and develop habits to help you keep things organized.  However, I realize that life does get in the way.  In cases where we feel it is needed, we can set up maintenance plans where I come in monthly, quarterly or annually to just tidy up and get things back to where you want them.

No.  Due to liability issues, I can't take your stuff away.

However, I do have community contacts that I can put you in contact with to sell what is valuable.  I can also help you arrange to have donations & trash picked up.

I accept cash, check & venmo. 

For a nominal fee, I also accept credit/debit cards and bank transfers.

I’m here to answer any other questions that you may have.