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Small Business Organizing

Making your small business truly productive starts with good organization. 

Whether you need assistance organizing your office, your paperwork processes or an entire room of inventory, I have tools, knowledge and experience that will help you achieve your goals.

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Small Business Productivity Consulting

Do you feel like you are constantly busy but are never completing projects? 

Are your people working overtime and still not producing what is needed to grow your company? 

The heart of Lean Manufacturing is understanding your processes and then standardizing and optimizing those processes to minimize non-value-added work and maximize profit. 

The exact same Lean tools can be used to help ANY business achieve their optimum productivity and profitability.  

I can help lead you and your team through the work of characterizing your processes, identifying areas that need improvement and then implementing real change that will help your bottom line. 

The best part of this process is that it, by definition, automatically custom tailors itself to each company, group of people and situation.