What Would It Feel Like to..

  • Have a place for everything and everything in its place

  • Lower your stress level and increase your inner sense of calm and order

  • Always know where things are, especially important paperwork and documents

  • Have your home neat and orderly and visitor ready at all times

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It is all possible with a little help and guidance.  Let me use my experience and knowledge to help you achieve your goals!


Kathryne Reed is amazing! She has practical, effective organization ideas that are easy to put into practice. We had our kitchen remodeled, and I needed help unpacking and organizing once construction was completed. She helped me complete the project quickly and her organization tips and tricks have helped a lot! I highly recommend her services!

Kathryne was very easy to work with!  I can't believe the difference in my house and how happy I feel and so much stress relieved. I'm going to keep her until my whole house is organized!

Mary G

Kelle H

Kathryne, of Simply Optimized, was a dream come true! I had a huge closet , that I dubbed the Craft Room. I used it on and off for 19 years. Off because it became a "catch all " for my" over achiever" ideas of "Some Day, projects" and decorating closet. Kathryne was very professional, patient and had solutions to my predicament! I now have a workable craft room , along with decorating storage. Thank you Kathryne for an awesome job and experience!

Kathryne is an expert at creating order and efficiency, and a pleasure to work with, too. She was an invaluable resource for us in tackling a recent inventory management project. I highly recommend her and look forward to working with her again!

Joni S

Shara K



I want to help you get more organized and be more productive!

I am a manufacturing / process engineer that spent 10 years in industry learning all about how to organize and optimize factories and processes.  I took a break from industry to raise my babies and now I want to use that experience to help people just like you who need help organizing and optimizing their lives, homes and businesses. 

Being a busy mom and business owner myself, I know these tools and processes work because I use them in my own home and business.

I know I can help you clear the clutter, organize your space to work for you and then help you create processes to help it stay that way.

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